Anderson Service Center                                                              VIP Customer Service and Discounts


Cash or Approved Check:


Gasoline - Full or Self Service                                                                               $.08/Gal

Accessories ( Washer Fluid, Brake Fluid, Candy, Sodas )                                     10%

Labor (Current Labor Rate @ $84.00 per hour)                                                    10%

Parts ( Starter, Alternators, Belts, Hoses, Filters, etc. )                                         10%  

Tires and Napa Batteries                                                                                          10%

Towing and Service Calls (Jump Starts, etc.)                                                          10%


Credit Card:


Gasoline - Full or Self Service                                                                                 $.06/Gal                                                                                                                                   Accessories, Labor, Parts, Tires, Batteries, and Towing                                        10%


Oil Changes / Full Service (22 Point Check)


Four Quart Systems                                                                                                $35.49*

Five Quart Systems                                                                                                 $41.64*

Six   Quart Systems                                                                                                 $47.80*


* Prices good for most cars and trucks, unless special filters, synthetic oil, diesel engines, or other special products are needed. All prices including sales tax.

* Current pricing may change depending on current market costs. VIP Customers can stay in touch with current market prices by checking this website.

For full information contact Russ or Chad at  307-789-9330 or stop by 1901 Harrison Drive in Evanston to sign up. Be A VIP Customer Today!